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Blending the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size, bone and mind of the Friesian and/or Draft. 

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I.G.G.H.R. will post photos of your champion on this section of our site; Just send us the photos and tell us the name of your horse with its I.G.G.H.R. number; tell us what you won, where, when and your name (owner).

We will be happy to post your photos here.

Please note: IGGHR offers High Point in Show Awards


Champion Georgian Grandes

FWF Prince Aragorn

FWF Comanche Fire

 Baron Von Ravenscroft

Jeremiah Bourbon

Prince Rajah

 FWF Velvet Illusion

FWF Iris Isabella

FWF Princess Aires Above Ground

 Prince Imperial


FWF Baron Von Danzig

Baroness Von Ballarina

 FWF Trophee


FWF Prince Rockaway

FWF Baron Von Theopolis #340

FWF Elena


Please click on the name of the horse to visit their page


FWF Baroness Von Bella

 FWF Baron Von Caprioli

 FWF Comanche Fire


Champion Princess Chante Du Joie

FWF Prince Malachi #318

FWF Princess Isabella's Dream


FWF Princess Callista

Prince Chandraki

Prince Sultani


FWF Princess Anastasia

FWF Prince Alexei

FWF Prince Romke  #189

NCDCTA Prelim HOY-2008


Prince Lucas De Cool

Baron Von Rossi

FWF Baron Von Star Kingdom #218


FWF Freedom's Fire

FWF Starlight

FWF Samkara's Fire


FWF Prince Yeager

FWF Song of Joy

Starfire's Rising Phoenix


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