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FWF Prince Aragorn

IGGHR #438



Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2020
From: Jen W.
Hi Flying W Family,

I just wanted to take a moment to share some recent photos of Aragorn. After a haitus from the show ring to focus on training, we debuted Third level last January and received a very respectable 68.650% our first time out! We showed third level several times last year and maintained a respectable score average of about 66%! I couldn't be more proud! This year (2020) I am planning on qualifying for Regionals at third level and also choreographing our first ever musical freestyle. We have some great things in the works!

Attached you will find a couple of photos from a local show we participated in last year and I have included a photo from a USEF/USDF rated show we competed in as well. Aragorn is so handsome and smart. At home we are schooling multiple flying changes on a diagonal, canter pirouettes, and the half steps. Aragorn has an incredible talent for pirouettes and piaffe!

Thank you for breeding this cool guy. I love him to pieces! Oh- and he will be 14 this year- I can't believe it!

I sent in a point reporting form for 2019 several month ago- I hope you received it.

Please feel free to update Aragorn's page with the photos.

Thanks again,
Jen W.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to send you an update for last year.

We began working with a trainer last April and we have made huge improvements! This year, I plan to begin working on my USDF Bronze medal! My trainer feels that earning that medal will be easy for us. Who knows, we might even be able to silver in a few years!

We competed in three shows this past fall, rode in several clinics, and have trained regularly with my trainer. She is absolutely in love with Aragorn and feels that he has unlimited potential! He puts 100% into all of his work. He truly was bred for dressage and absolutely LOVES it! In fact, lateral work is his favorite so far! He instantly softens, collects, and tries harder as soon as I began asking for any lateral work.

Aragorn and I always score above 60% at the shows. We generally have scores above 65% and several in the 70s. Judges love his presence and always comment on how perfect we are for one another. Comments often say that he is elegant, beautiful and such a super horse!

Thank you for breeding this lovely boy- I don't know what I'd do without him! He is my true love!

Please find some photos from this past fall- look at how much Aragorn has changed and grown over the years! Jen





Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009
Subject: Flying W Farms Prince Aragorn, IGGHR #438

I purchased Aragorn (Koning (Friesian) X Sultan's Super Blue (saddlebred) last December, when he was a bit over 2 1/2 years old, and he has begun to mature into the most beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent horse I have had the pleasure to know! He has changed so much: when I got him he was shaggy in his winter coat with a baby's body and face, now he is maturing into a big, masculine, gorgeous Georgian Grande! The moment he arrived at my barn, we began building a strong relationship: within days he was following me around and trying to be with me rather than his pasture mates when I put him out to pasture.

I have been taking Aragorn's training very slowly (which I am mostly doing myself). He lunges, ground drives, leads and rides through and over obstacles (including mattresses!), walks with me at liberty, and is under
saddle walk and trot. I have taken Aragorn to a Sport Horse Versatility Clinic, on trail rides, and to his first horse show! I included a picture from the clinic (June 2009) that shows him halted with just his forefeet on
a bridge; I was so proud of him because I was able to have him halt with just his forefeet on the bridge, step fully onto the bridge and halt, and then step off with just his forefeet and halt with his hind feet on the bridge (and this was only about the 8th time I had EVER ridden him and his first time at an unknown stable with unknown horses!)!!

I also included some pictures from his first horse show: October 3, 2009. We did two in-hand classes: one hunter in-hand, the other hunter showmanship. We also did a costume class! Aragorn began his first show
experience with a 1st place in the hunter in-hand and a 2nd place in the hunter showmanship! You should have seen him: in his first class (hunter in-hand) a group of supporters began clapping and cheering when it was our turn to enter the ring and the cheers must have made him feel good because he stretched his neck up into a high, long arch and trotted with so much expression and joy! I was literally running next to him shouting "Good boy! Good boy!!!" He certainly was born to show off! I was so proud! The costume class was a bunch of fun, we got 2nd place in that class as well (we were hippies picketing for going green by riding a horse!)!

I have included some other photos for you of him from around the barn and getting ready for his first trail ride. And yes, while he was black when I got him, and he is back to black again now, daily turnout in our excessively sunny and hot coastal summer had turned him to bay for the summer!

Anyway, he is just so lovely in looks, presence, and personality! I love him to pieces and I know he loves me just as much. He is the best friend I could have ever asked for and I can't wait to begin bumping up the pressure and working towards our first competitive season beginning next spring! I think he will be absolutely amazing in the dressage ring! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Georgian Grande from you on the future! Keep in touch!

Jennifer W



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