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Blending the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size, bone and mind of the Friesian and/or Draft. 

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International Georgian Grand Horse Registry High Point Award

This award is available for presentation at any and all shows where at least one IGGHR registered horse is competing! In order to be eligible for this award, the horse must be registered by IGGHR and follow all IGGHR rules. The horse owner is responsible for contacting the show secretary to request permission to present this special award at their show. An award presentation speech along with a beautiful 28" six streamer, gold trimmed ribbon complete with tassels will be sent to the owner upon request . Please contact the IGGHR Office at or by mail P.O. Box 845 Piketon, OH 45661!


Please note: IGGHR offers High Point in Show Awards

 38 Pages       CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE SHOW RULES    This is a PDF file. 

IGGHR suggests members print the rules and carry them with you to all shows.

In case there is ever a question you can produce your "rule book."


P.O. Box 845

Piketon, Ohio 45661

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