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Black Georgian Grande gelding, born in 2004



Theopolis June 2010



Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008
Subject: Nike
Theo and Elena are now 4, I have added below a pic of Theo

 being  ridden in all of his full maned glory.
Sincerely, Barb

He took this championship at three years old!


These pictures were taken at the Canadian National Champion Andalusian Show in July of 2007.  Theo was entered in Iberian Halter, a class of  stallions and geldings mixed into one class.  He won his class, and I was very proud as he was up against some very solid looking stallions!  Elena won her class as well, (mares and fillies class) I have competed for a number of years, but that was the first time that I felt I was really "showing".  These two attracted a lot of
 attention, and were getting their pictures taken by the audience as soon as they entered the ring.  I felt as though I was in the presence of a couple of movie stars! They were so well behaved, yet they carried themselves a little prouder when they entered the ring, they are true show horses. They are both doing very well, and are fun to be around as they are gentle, willing and playful! 





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