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FWF Prince Yeager


Hello Robin and Fredricka,

I wanted to share a picture with you of Prince Yeager and I. He just finished up his first show season in Training Level. We qualified for Regionals and have scored 68% in our last show. He turned 5 at the end of May and is currently 16.2 hands and growing. I love this horse, he is calm enough to take on the trails and has the movement to get some really good scores in the show ring!




Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010
Subject: FWF Prince Yeager

Hello Fredericka, Bob, Robin,
It's been a year now that I have had FWF Prince Yeager and I am way overdue for an update. First let me tell you that I love this horse! He is the most intelligent horse I have worked with! He is beautiful and a big hit wherever we go. I grew up riding Arabians and Thoroughbreds, my mom and I wish I had a horse like Yeager when I was younger.
I bought him as a 2 year old planning to train him myself under saddle. He learned to lunge with no problems, never bucked when I put a saddle or myself on him. He did have a little bucking when I put a special saddle pad on him, must not have fit him very well so I took it off and never had problems after that. As a 3 year old he has started under saddle at walk, trot, and canter. I have taken things very slow with him so I don't risk any injuries or just ware him out. My trainer worked with Dutch Warmbloods for so long she was very happy to help me with Yeager who was so calm and one of her favorite 3 year olds she has worked with. I plan to enter him in some Dressage training level classes starting this winter.
I have attached a few pictures from when I saw him out at your ranch and when he came home. I will add a few more recent pictures under saddle when I get some good ones. The problem is finding someone to come out and help me take good pictures with him all cleaned up. Please share these on your website for anyone that is interested in seeing them.
Hope you are all doing well, I would love to come out and visit you the next time I am around the area!
Jennifer B.



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