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FWF Anastasia


Sire: Koning-Friesian x Dam: Glenmar's Amber Bounty-Saddlebred

 Black Georgian Grande  Mare Foaled 06/18/05


Sent: Monday, July 05, 2010

Subject: Princess Anastasia
I've enclosed some recent pictures of Anya. ! She turned 5 on June 18th!

Georgian Grande in hand class at Devon 2009

2nd  place  in the Georgian Grande class
3rd in the PHR class



Anya’s birthday was yesterday.  She is now 4.  Meghan and Anya got a 1st & 3rd place in a dressage show last weekend.  Our trainer said Anya is ready to move up a level. I started a Georgian Grande Horse Group on Facebook. So, far there are 11 members. Take care,Eileen




Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Subject: Anya's dressage show

Hey there!
    Anya competed in her first show of the season this year. She got quite tired due to the heat and the fact that her turnout was switched to evenings the night before, but she still did fabulous and got some great scores. She got a 63.5% in Intro A and a 69% in Intro B. She got second in both classes. I was so proud of her!
    I've attached some pictures too. There aren't any of the actual tests because the indoor they were in was too dark, but I have some from her warm-up. Hope you all are doing well!


Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Subject: pics from devon

Photos for you from Devon and Anya's first dressage show.

Georgian Grande in hand class at Devon 2008


2nd  place  in the Georgian Grande class
2nd in the American Warmblood Society class

 6th place in the PHR class

Owner Eileen Childs   Handler Bruce Griffin


Anya placed third in the Georgian Grande in hand class at Devon in Sept 2007



Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008

Subject: new pictures of Anya


I finally have pictures of me riding Anya.  She's been doing fabulous  and is progressing quickly.  I've also taken her on two trail rides now and felt safe on her. Imagine that. Feeling safe riding a 3 year old on the trail!

I plan to try to take her to a breed show in September as well as take her to Devon again this year. But the most exciting thing for me will be taking her to her first under saddle show. I'm going to sign her up for a dressage show in August and do her first test. I can't wait!




Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008

Subject: Updates on Princess Anastasia!


        I have a few new updates on Anya and a few new pictures. She's hit quite a growth spurt and is getting huge! She's about 16.2 hands now. She was only 15.3 hands when we took her home ten months ago. Her personality is wonderful and she has a great work ethic. Every time I go to get her out of the field, all I have to do is whistle and she perks her head up and runs to the gate immediately.

        I was going through some old things in my room and found a bunch of old artwork from middle school and high school. One particular painting I did jumped out at me. I've enclosed a photo of the painting. Its a picture of an all black horse with a long mane and tail and a very upright neck and headset. The horse even has feathers! It looks just like Anya. The strange part is that I painted it back in middle school before Anya was even born! You can see in the photos I sent you that it was dated and signed on November 15th, 2001. I made it the same month of my 14th birthday. I was only in 8th grade. My mom said I must have known she was coming. I just thought that was quite ironic and had to show you!



Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008

Subject: New pictures of Princess Anastasia

 I've enclosed some new pictures of Anya. She has grown even more since I last emailed you and it has only been two months!  She's gaining muscle everywhere. Her topline has gotten so nice! I'll send more pictures when I get the chance.



Anastasia at Devon 2006



In training and her first ride

Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007

Subject: PRINCESS ANASTASIA'S (ANYA'S  first ride!)

Devon was so much fun!  Baron Von Rossi's stall was right across from Anya's, so we were able to meet and talk with his owner. The best part for me was getting to meet Anya's half brother, Prince of Thieves. He's so beautiful! He's so big and so muscular that some people thought he was still a stallion! I can't wait for Anya to get bigger. She's already grown so much though. She's put on lots of weight and gained muscle from all the long lining we've been doing with her. She's just totally blossomed. Every time I pull my car into the parking lot, which is right next to her field, she whinnies until I come and get her. She'll also continue to call to me if I'm in the barn with my other horse. It's so cute!


  I have to tell you about Anya's first ride! I had been putting a saddle on her a lot in the indoor ring, so just in case she decided to buck, she'd have some room. The saddle didn't seem to be bothering her so we started doing it in the cross ties and she completely behaved herself. My mom and I had also been laying across her back a lot when she was hand grazing and she didn't care.


  Back on October 22nd I officially got on her back for the first time. I had laid across her back before while my mom walked her in hand and she was great. When I finally swung a leg over I fed her some sugar cubes from her back so she'd know she was doing great. Then my mom asked her to walk forward and she put her head up and backed up a few steps and I thought, "Oh no! Don't rear!" But instead she turned her head around to my side again, begging for more sugar cubes! That was the best and funniest reaction I could have gotten. The second time I rode her she was being especially wiggly that day (probably due to the cold air) and when I got on her there were two other horses in the ring. She still was a perfect little lady when I got on her back again. I couldn't believe it! So now she's been ridden three times and I hope to start being lunged while on her so she starts to learn her commands while under saddle. She already knows voice commands so she should be great.


  I've enclosed some pictures of Anya from Devon, her first ride, and a free lunging session with our trainer. I apologize for the fuzzy shots from our first ride, but it was dark and we were in and indoor ring. I'll get some better ones as soon as I can!

Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 9:39 PM

Subject: PRINCESS ANASTASIA - 1st Show

Anya made her debut and competed in her first show this weekend.  It was the  Breed Show at Morven Park on August 5th.  She got 69.99% in the two year old fillies class and 70.2% in the Performance Horse Registry class.  We thought this was great for her first time out.  I was really surprised at how good she was at the show.  She acted like she was at home.  She even stood quietly on the trailer eating hay while waiting for her next class.  We received lots of comments from people about how well behaved she was and how beautiful and elegant she is. Even the judge asked what her breed was.  We think is was a very successful first show.

Eileen, Meghan & Erin


Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 9:27 PM

Here are a couple of pictures of Anya taken today. 

Doesn't she look pretty in a bridle? 

 Eileen, Meghan & Erin








Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007

Anya is doing great!  She is learning so much.  She now gets turned out every night and is in during the day, so she is on the same schedule as the rest of the horses in our barn.  We have had some hot days and I don't think Anya is used to the humidity here yet.  She goes outside at about 4:00, and is sometimes pretty sweaty by the time we get there in the evening, so we hose her off if she seems hot.   She is extremely friendly to everyone .  When we drive up to the barn she always nickers and comes to the fence.  Once she even cantered up to us.  We have tried different horse treats to see which ones she likes.  She seems to like the sweet ones the best.  Her favorites are licorice, butterscotch and peppermint.   
 If we can get registered in time, Meghan plans to show Anya in hand at Morven Park's breed show on 8/5.  We are also thinking about showing her at Devon in September.
Thank you for sending the baby photos of Anya and her mom.  Her mom is gorgeous.  Erin used the computer to compare photos of Anya and her mom.  She discovered that Anya's face is identical to her mom's.  She has the same eyes, nose and ears!  They are both so beautiful.
We will send some new photos soon. 
Talk to you soon,


Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007



We finally made it home late last night with Anya.    We kept stopping periodically and reassuring her.  She really seemed to enjoy us checking in on her.  When we offered her a bucket of water she stuck her nose in it and started to play with it!  She was in that trailer for 8 1/2 hours, but was SO GOOD.  She ate all of the hay in her hay bag during the trip.  When she walked off the trailer, she walked right into our barn and started looking around.

  She was hesistant to go into her stall at first, but after we took our quarter horse, Lady, in and out a couple of times, she decided it was ok and walked right in.  I think when Anya saw Lady eating HER hay, she decided she had better get in there before Lady ate it all up.  She was so funny when she was watching Lady.  She held her head so high and pricked her ears, she looked like she was about eight feet tall.  She really has a presence.   

Anya had a successful first day.  She is drinking and eating well and even tried a little bit of grain.  Our barn was busy with activity and she did great.  A dog even walked behind her and brushed against her legs and she didn't even twitch.  She grazed outside and walked around the barn and into the wash stall today.  In a day or two Meghan is going to give her her first bath.  She is such a good girl.  She is really smart and calm and very very sweet.  She even walked and trotted on the longe line today in the indoor arena.  It was really hard to believe she only arrived and stepped off our trailer less than 10 hours ago! 

Here are a couple of pictures we took today. 

Thank you so much for everything!  We love Princess Anastasia!


Eileen, Meghan & Erin



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