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aka Emma










Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Subject:FWF Tropee (aka Emma)

We are so excited to welcome another Georgian Grande to our barn.  Tropee, who we call Emma, is absolutely awesome in so many ways.  She is gentle and kind with beginning students, yet will turn it up with advanced riders over a hunter/jumper course.  She keeps the younger horses in check in the pasture, and protects our elderly TB.  She has a wonderful work ethic, and will babysit or squeal with delight while schooling. Her gaits are smooth, earning her the nickname of 'the big comfy couch.  At shows, she is the talk of the ring...people wondering what breed she is....we proudly answer that she is a Georgian Grande!!!!

Thank you for Emma..we love her dearly!  Janet Boyle  Dream On Farm



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