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FWF Baron Von Danzig




Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Subject: FW: Baron Von Danzig

Hi Fredericka,

Attached is a picture of Danzig.  I will send additional pictures in separate emails.   These were taken at Danzig’s first recognized Dressage show in April.  He did Training Test 1 and Training Test 2.  His scores were 71.25 and 72.85 respectively.    






Subject: Danzig  Pictures - July 2010

Danzig is doing well and I attached some pictures of him being ridden.  I am riding him in some pictures and my trainer Lucy is riding him in others.  He is over 18 hands now and I think he is still growing.  His training is coming along and Lucy loves him.   I only attached two pictures here but will send additional emails with the other pictures.   




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