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FWF Champion Freedom's Fire (Noble) #281
Owner/Rider/Trainer: Megan Kazoil

2011 Horse of the Year Champion Jumper!

Here spare some recent photos of him in November. A friend of mine came over and we did had a photo shoot. :-)

We made it to Arizona.

Subject: Re: FWF Freedom's Fire #281
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012
From: Meghan

Hello!! Freedom's Fire (Noble) is doing great!! The summer is heating up here in Phoenix, AZ so the shows are moved up north to Flagstaff. I've got my eye on a few and can't wait to take Noble to see what we can do together. I was thinking, and realized i never told you how I came to be his mom. Noble was 2 years old and 16.2hh when I met him. I was serving my first deployment over in Iraq and I was saving up to purchase a special horse upon my return. Any spare moment I had, I was talking to farms, breeders, and anyone selling a horse that I could potentially buy. I ran into another medic I was friends with. She and I had gone through our training together and had immediately hit it off due to our horsey backgrounds. She told me that her Aunt Wendy was not advertising one of her horses openly but more by word of mouth to try and keep "weirdos" away. Hahaha Well, I had been looking at TBs and TB crosses mostly. I had my mind set on it...... Then I returned home from deployment. I contacted Wendy again. She was surprised to hear from me and welcomed me to come meet Noble who was 5 hours from me. Meanwhile, I later found out she didn't actually think I would make the trip. I was 22 and on my own on the east coast. She gave me directions and I showed up at her farm at 10 in the morning. I drove up to her and her bestie Rhonda with their boots kicked up on the picnic table holding a beer welcoming me. I knew this was going to be a great weekend. ;) It was a horse filled weekend. I immediately met Noble and it was love at first sight. I hadn't even sat on him and I already knew. However, I had to be a grown up about this decision. It was my first time buying a horse with out my mom being there to meet them and help me with the business side of things.

The following day, Wendy and I loaded up her mare (noble's adopted mom) and noble. Rhonda grabbed a couple of her horses and her teenage daughter. The day was FREEZING!! We were all hoping it would warm up. No such luck. We had the horses saddled up and started our ride. Me being on noble who was being very brave and had to depend on me. He hadn't been out on a trail like that before. I took him through water, walked over small logs, even a little bit of canter on the trail. He was spectacular!! Noble and I had our moment and became a team. We both knew it was meant to be.

I headed back to Georgia to make arrangements to secure boarding, trailering, and the purchase of this "little" 2 year old. I knew he would be a big horse. I expected 17.2 tops. Well, here we are 6 years later and he stands at a solid 18 hands... A little over but not 18.1. I am excited everyday that I see him and ride him. So, thank you Flying W Farms for breeding this extraordinary horse!!!




2011 Horse of the Year Award Winner!


Owner/Rider/Trainer: Megan Kazoil



P.O. Box 845

Piketon, Ohio 45661

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