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FWF Baron Von Ravenscroft IGGHR #239




APRIL 29, 2022

Here are some pictures of Raven. Robin was asking for a photo of Raven last night when I spoke to her so here are some from the last 7 years! Sorry for the amount, I took a lot of photos of him :)

He's semi-retired so we don't do any jumping now so mostly just trail rides and some flat arena work just as he is getting up there in age, but he is still perfectly sound! (19 years old)

He is a perfect gentleman with the best ground manners, confident on trail rides, gets along with all other horses no problem, excellent with children on the ground (I don't let children ride him just because of how expressive his movement is, too much for them they'd bounce right off!) Two of the girls riding him are students of mine that were learning how to ride a more skilled horse than their own.

I love him and couldn't be happier with him! We've done a lot together over the years!





Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008
Subject: Photo's of Baron Von Ravenscroft

I just thought I would share some photos of Raven with you.He just turned 5yrs July 19th.He has the most beautiful personality & is pure joy to ride.........Hope you like the pictures!!!..Christina




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