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Dressage at Devon


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The George Wagner, Jr. Perpetual Trophy

Champions 2009 Champions 2008 Champions 2007 Champions 2006 Champions 2005

Please note: IGGHR offers High Point in Show Awards

There is a breed (in hand) class exclusively for the IGGHR registered horses included in Dressage at Devon annually each September ; Dressage at Devon is a very prestigious event.  We  strongly encourage all our members to support this event  with their attendance and entry of their horses; Details as follows:

*NOTE REGARDING D.A.D. Please GET YOUR ENTRIES IN EARLY!  Dressage at Devon is always in September. Entries open  in June  and will close when classes are full and stalls are gone. DAD is limited on time and stall space so they may cut entries off as early as mid July. Therefore, be sure to get your entries in prior to July 10th. For more information you may contact the DAD Breed Show secretary

Requirements for entry in the Georgian Grande class are as follows:
HORSE MUST HAVE HORSE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (HID) WITH USEF and  USDF. No exceptions!  You can record your horse with USEF and USDF online at their websites. This rule applies to all the breed classes not just Georgian Grande.

1. Horse must be entered in the name of the current owner as shown on the back of the horse's IGGHR registration certificate.

2. Proof of IGGHR registration of horse being entered  (copy of your
IGGHR registration papers) will be required  at time of entry.

3.The horse must be entered under the full registered
name and number shown on the IGGHR registration, no exceptions.

Dressage at Devon will supply the judge, Ribbons for 1 - 10th place. If entries
warrant classes may be split by age or sex and pinned 1-6 for each section;
All horses will be shown on the triangle at the walk and trot. Scoring will be
60% movement, 30% conformation, and 10% general impression.

The IGGHR Trophy for the Georgian Grande In Hand Breed Class ia a perpetual trophy and stays at DAD year after year. The winner each year has the name of the horse and the owner inscribed on the perpetual trophy.  IGGHR also supplies a smaller version of the perpetual trophy. The winner takes the smaller version home.

This is a photo of the George Wagner, Jr (breed founder) perpetual trophy

and the smaller replica, photo taken at Dressage at Devon

This is a perpetual trophy, that will stay at Devon;

the First place winner will have their photo taken with this trophy
each year and their name will be inscribed on the trophy. The owner of the first place horse will receive a smaller trophy to take home.

The Parade of Breeds will be held directly after the last Individual
breed class. IGGHR and Dressage at Devon Breed Show Chair strongly
encourage the winner of the IGGHR breed class to stay and highlight our
Breed by taking part in the Parade of Champions.

If you plan to exhibit your IGGHR registered Georgian Grande at Dressage at Devon, please make this Registry aware of your plans to participate.

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