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International Equestrian Festival

Sunday, October 10, 2010

During the World Equestrian Games





IEF Breed Appreciation Day Invitation

 to all our IGGHR Members


IGGHR members and their Georgian Grande horses were invited to participate in IGGHR Breed Appreciation Day at the International Equestrian Festival in Lexington, KY this fall.  The International Equestrian Festival took place every afternoon and evening during the World Equestrian Games

IGGHR wants to send a special thank you to Ginny Belcher, her daughter Chelsea, and their beautiful Georgian Grande mare"Bella" for a job so very well done! IGGHR also wants to thank Sharon Wood, her daughter Christian, and their mare Windzor for taking part in both the IEF Parade onSeptember 26th and the Demo on October 10th;  Kathie Carr also rode in the Parade on her stunning pinto Georgian Grande mare. We look forward to reports from Sharon and Kathie along with photos of their rides; We will post them on this page as soon as we get them. In the meantime, we want to thank allof them for the great job they did promoting the wonderful Georgian Grande!





Breed Demo Lexington 2010

Flying W Farms Princess Isabella’s Dream along with Viking Alf’s Windzor had the honor of representing the Georgian Grande’s at the International Equestrian Festival that was in conjunction with WEG that was being held in Lexington, Kentucky.

The scene of the demo was the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington on October 10’Th.

When we unloaded Bella she acted like she had been in huge cities all her life, reinforcing once again the great mind of this breed!

When they were ready for us to enter my daughter actually led her into the building on a narrow path of stall mats, Bella walked next to Chelsea with great interest in her surroundings but was very attentive to Chelsea.  Once she was settled in her stall she proceeded to calmly eat her hay as if this were her stall at home.

Then it was time for the demo, Bella stood like a champ as we put the renaissance costume on her. As anyone who had done anything like this knows there is always a little bit of nervous energy that goes along with this atmosphere. You would never have guessed it by Bella’s demeanor.

Then it was time to enter the arena, which was a 30’ round pen beautifully landscaped for the demo. Bella stood rock solid while I mounted even with the cape falling around her hindquarters. She looked very regal and beautiful standing in the middle of the arena with her renaissance tack on.  Once we were ready we started walking and then doing a nice forward trot while the announcer discussed the breed with the audience. You would have thought we were doing this at home, it went so smoothly. After which there were some questions that I happily answered about the breed as well as my personal experiences with Bella. Everyone was very impressed with the movement, size and dignity that the Georgian Grande possesses.

After we exited the arena Christian Wood entered the arena with Windsor and “mounted bareback” while discussing how she came to own Windsor and their accomplishments together. Windsor and Christian looked beautiful as they moved around the arena.

After the demo was over Christian and I were both very busy answering questions about the breed and our horses. The children were in awe of the size and beauty of the horses. Bella was very generous with her “kisses” to the children, one little girl even got to sit on her back while her father took some pictures.

I believe that the Georgian Grande’s made some friends that day, and we generated quite a bit of interest in the breed.

Thank you IGGHR for this wonderful opportunity to show the horse world what a great and wonderful breed the Georgian Grande’s are.

Ginny and Chelsea Belcher,  and Bella.




Breed Demo Lexington 2010

We were stabled in the beautiful rolling hills of Paris, Kentucky for the Celebrating the Spirit of the Horse parade in September.  When we arrived in downtown Lexington, trucks and trailers lined both sides of the street.  You could feel the excitement in the air as everyone unloaded their horses and warmed them up.  Windzor stood perfectly still as I tacked her up, even with the police cars and fire trucks passing her.  We then took our spot in the parade line-up along with Kathie Carr and her mare.  Win held her head high as she marched down the streets and waved to all the children. She behaved as though she had been in parades all her life, illustrating the calm nature of the Georgian Grande.


We came back to Lexington for the IEF in October.  Windzor paid no attention to the traffic whizzing by as we unloaded her from the trailer.  She calmly walked to her stall and settled in as if it were her stall at home.  In the time before the demo people crowded around Win's stall taking pictures, asking questions about the breed, and getting plenty of kisses from her. The IEF staff said Win was the most personable horse they had in the festival.  


For the demo I mounted Win bareback, while being dressed in classic dressage clinic attire.  We moved about the ring on a loose rein, while I discussed how Win and I became a team.  I also touched upon her various achievements in many different disciplines, relating it back to how versatile the breed is. Then I restated the background on the Georgian Grande and their various abilities.  The crowd had a few questions at the end of my presentation that I joyfully answered. We then went back to our stall and had many wonderful conversations with people from the crowd. 


It was an honor representing this wonderful breed in the parade and at the IEF.  There seemed to be a lot of interest in the breed, hopefully we encouraged people to make their next horse a Georgian Grande     


Brad, Sharon and Christian Wood






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