Breed Information

georgian grande horse

History of the Breed

The International Georgian Grande Horse Registry (IGGHR) was founded in 1994 by George Wagner Jr. who during the 1970s started crossing drafts to Saddlebreds to recreate as closely as possible the original Saddlebred type.

 He wanted to bring back the heavier boned, bigger Saddlebreds of the historic past, which were more robust and sensible. The name means “George’s Great Horse”, and indeed George Wagner did indeed succeed in producing a truly great horse; A horse that is even more impressive, noble and dependable than the old time Saddlebreds. These horses have emerged as a breed of their own.  Since then, IGGHR has grown and is now a member of the United States Dressage Federation All Breeds Council and a member of the American Horse Council. Also fully recognized by USDF and USEF as participating breed, Georgian Grandes are eligible to compete for the USEF/ USDF /IGGHR All-Breeds Awards. The breed is becoming quite popular and more so each day as its many abilities is noticed and appreciated. 

There are many Georgian Grande Horses winning and showing in Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, English Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Hunter Hack, English Show Hack, Driving and Western Pleasure.  

The Georgian Grande is a well-rounded horse that can do it all from showing and competing to making a wonderful and dependable trail horse for the entire family.

Georgian Grande Horse performing in Dressage
The best of the Saddlebred and of the Friesian or Draft. This is the Georgian Grande, “The Perfect Blend!”