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Registering a Georgian Grande Pony



On January 4, 2010 the IGGHR Board of Directors approved a Georgian Grande Pony Division.
The standard of perfection for the ponies is exactly the same as for the horses with the following exception regarding height.

The standard for the Pony division reads: Height must be under 14.2 hands (less than 58 inches)

The Pony division was created due to popular demand. Foals produced from  a cross of Saddlebred/draft pony (or blend thereof) will now be eligible for registration with IGGHR in the Georgian Grande Pony division.
The same rules of registration will apply to the Ponies as do the Horses. The blend must be  saddlebred with draft, in this case, draft ponies.

The draft type pony may be any one of the recognized draft pony breeds such as Dales, Fells, Welsh Cob, Haflinger Pony, Gypsy Pony, a small Friesian, blended with saddlebred. The GG ponies may also be a three way blend, just as applies to the horses. Example: Saddlebred sire bred to a pony mare that is Dales/Gypsy pony cross. Proof of pedigree is required.
For more information or questions, please email  with the subject line, GG Ponies.



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