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Saddlebred Stallion Cienfuegos Love Affair aka Cento

Cento is a 2007 athletic, well-balanced garnet-red chestnut Saddlebred stallion. Short, strong back, 5 1/4" hooves, and 8" canon bones, this stallion will add refinement without reducing strength and athleticism. A swingy dressage-y trot, rocking horse canter, knight-like posture, he can compete in almost any discipline. Most recently, he competed in several endurance rides of 25 miles each - barefoot with his granite hooves - and placed top 5. And his mind is even more balanced than his body. See his movement on our website listed below.


**Foals resulting from breeding a Saddlebred stallions to Friesian and Draft

mares or IGGHR mares are eligible for IGGHR registration provided the resulting foal
is no more than 75% Saddlebred and no less than 25% Saddlebred.**


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