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Saddlebred Stallion

Space Odessy


16.2 hands

2005 Canadian National Champion Pinto Stallion


Homozygous for Tobiano and Homozygous for Black!


**Foals resulting from breeding a draft of Friesian mare to this Saddlebred

stallion are eligible for IGGHR registration**


2009 Stud Fee :  $750 to non Arabian and Saddlebred mares

Collection fee:  $250 plus shipping



Space Odessy


Soace Odessy  Space Odessy  Space Odessy



2005 Canadian National Champion Pinto Stallion
Unanimous *Champion of Champions*

A Space Odyssey is a big, bold, beautiful American Saddlebred stallion with very good conformation and movement.  A Space Odyssey is sired by  champion producing RA Hot Every Nite and out of the lovely mare Symbolized Love. The only purebred Saddlebred offspring of champion producing NSH stallion Harlequin Magic Maker.  

A Space Odyssey is siring tall, elegant, athletic spotted offspring already winning in the show ring. To each and every one of Odyssey's offspring he  passes on his wonderful disposition and charisma.  His first foals are just becoming of age to be shown under saddle.  2009 should be an exciting year.

A Space Odyssey himself is a proven show horse winning unanimous Champion of Champions in 2005 earning the title of 2005 Canadian National Champion Pinto Stallion.

A Space Odyssey is blood tested homozygous for the tobiano gene as well as homozygous for the black gene. 

This means Odyssey will only produce a pinto even when bred to solid coloured mares, guaranteed. 

Odyssey will always produce black when bred to black.  A Space Odyssey will never produce a chestnut and white.

A Space Odyssey is a popular choice for the Arabian mares and for those Arabian mares Odyssey is an Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Sire

However not only a proven good choice for Thoroughbred and Warmblood mares but an excellent choice for the

draft type mares including the Friesen's making the offspring qualify for the Georgian Grande Horse Registry.

A Space Odyssey is available by Transported Semen. His semen ships extremely well. 

2009 Stud Fee :  $750 to non Arabian and Saddlebred mares

Collection fee:  $250 plus shipping




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