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Flying W Farms Koning

17.2 hands, 1st Premium, Imported from Holland


His sire is Tjitte  by Reitse (Stb Preferent) out of Djoeke (Stb Ster)
His mother is Setske F. (Stb Ster + Preferent!)

Registered name is Pieter fan Lutke Peinjum

FPS Registry #199707321


**Foals resulting from breeding a Friesian stallions to Saddlebred

mares or IGGHR mares are eligible for IGGHR registration**


Not standing to outside mares

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Flying W Farms



Koning age two years

Koning age four years

Koning at four years old and still growing!



Friesians mature at about age five or six years.

It takes time to grow all that mane and tail!


Koning age three years with his mane unbraided.

Koning at age six years! His mane flows on both sides of his neck!

This is Koning, one of our beautiful Friesian stallions. We imported Koning from Holland in Feb 1999. His registered name is Pieter fan Lutke Peinjum, but we call him KONING, Dutch for King.
Her sire is FEITSE (the only living Preferent Friesian stallion in the world today).  Setske F mother is  Kingke (Stb Model + Pref). Setske F. (Koning's mother) is one of a very few  Friesian mares to have two or more sons fully approved for breeding in Holland. Koning was judged FIRST PREMIE as a foal in Holland, by the Dutch judges. The general consensus was that he too would be fully approved when old enough, however, we choose to import him to Ohio at age eighteen months.  We began breeding him at age two and therefore, he never went back to another Kuering.
 Koning is a very large Friesian and stands 17.2 hands; he has excellent dressage movement, is a good jumper, and always works with his hocks well up under him. His first crop of foals were born summer 2000 and they are FANTASTIC!!! His foals  are tall and elegant. They are gorgeous  movers, and
 they all   have Koning's incredible upright  Friesian neck; We are so pleased with his offspring!!!!
Koning's  disposition is quite gentle and he will leave his mares to come and greet visitors in the pasture.
Koning is the modern Sporthorse type Friesian.




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