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FWF Maximus IGGHR #414

aka Red

Sire: Baron-Friesian X Dam: Alexandria's Fire-Saddlebred

Bay Gelding Foaled 4/29/05

Owner Terri Gamble

Sent: Friday, April 6, 2012
Subject: Max
Here are some photos of Max (Baron's son) playing with me at liberty. He is a very cool horse!!! I've done all his training myself with the help of some Parelli clinics. He is incredibly smart, confident, curious, and so willing. He loves to jump, we are getting into some dressage, and I can trail ride him anywhere in a halter. He has done incredibly well considering I usually only work with him twice a week. He is such a wonderful horse, my Friesian Georgian Grande!

Terri Gamble

Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Subject: Hello from Texas!!!
 Max aka Red is doing wonderfully!!  I am training him  myself and going to Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinics.    I ride  him in a bitless bridle and often bareback.  Max's gaits are  beautiful.  We have  even gotten an incredible extended trot from him  at the last clinic (kind  of by accident on my part)  and the Parelli  instructor kept saying "oh my gosh that is beautiful".   His canter  is so comfortable!  He is so  smart and so receptive to training.   If I had more time to play (the  Parelli word)  with him, he could be  so much farther along.   But I am having a blast and and am loving  every minute even if I'm moving slowly.  I'll be moving Max from  the place he's at to a place within walking  (riding) distance from  the trainer.   She's got a covered arena which  will really help when  it is 110 outside.    Having an arena to use regularly will increase  my riding time.    Where I'm at now is really rough. Everyone loves him. He's just  full of personality, curiosity, intelligence, and athleticism. Such a wonderful horse!!





2007  Red is doing great!   He gets along with all the horses and all the people.   I lead him around all over the ranch so he can get used to all the sights and sounds. I let him loose in a huge pasture today to run around and he never went out of sight.   He really likes to know where I am.    I've been working him loose in the round pen and  doing sort of the Monty Roberts  join up thing.   I think we were  "joined up"  from the beginning though.   He'll follow me anywhere!    I ordered a surcingle to begin long lining him since I don't have a saddle yet.  I want to do  lots of ground work before  getting on him. I'm just amazed at how cooperative he is!
I'm going to email you some pictures of him. These were taken about  an hour after he arrived.   He was so calm!  He followed my son, Coleman, readily and wanted to be close to everyone.(My husband, the owner of the place, and my mother in law were there also.)  Everyone that sees him is amazed at his personality, gentleness, and gorgeous good looks!


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