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Jeremiah Bourbon IGGHR #209

aka John


Jeremiah won his first Recognized Show High Point IGGHR RIBBON Championship Ribbon at Cicle G for Region 3. We also did a tribute ride for 9/11. He earned 1 first place and 1 second place ribbons for the event plus your gorgeous IGGHR Ribbon for High Point Champion. I sent the pics in September. I will gladly resend them if necessary. Our journey has been so long and hard between being full time military, my medical illness' and we'll as his. I am extremely proud of him and it would mean quite a lot to me to have his information on your site updated.
With much anticipation,
Mona-lisa Medders, SGM USA RETIRED




Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 1:46 AM

Subject: Jeremiah Bourbon IGGHR # 209

Hello to all,

Here are some updated pics of "John". He will be 9 in March and I can not believe how much he has matured. I hope to start showing recognized this year. We both look forward to meeting new people, going new places and representing the Georgian Grande world in the Region 3 area as best as we possibly can.  Isn't he handsome???  I certainly think so...

Thank you in advance for updating pics.


Mona Lisa Medders and Jeremiah Bourbon IGGHR#209

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Subject: IGGHR #209
 Hi,Just us again, thought you might enjoy this picture. We came in first for the adult division Dreamweaver Stables Fun Day... John  is such a pleasure to have in my life. We are hope to attend the Alabama Horse Council Association Horse Fair Breed Barn representative for the Georgian Grande but plans are not concrete. and, no...he is not just a dress up horse. He is jumping 2' solid and schooling higher, is showing first level and hopefully second level this summer.  If my health improves, we will begin to show recognized (which I am both excited and nervous about).  It seems every time "we" move forward I
find I have to have someone else show him due to my health....
Thank you for your response in advance,
Mona Medders
 A very proud owner of a beautiful Georgian Grande



The Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training Association (BDCTA) held
their annual "Fun Day" at Dreamweaver Stables in Clay City, Alabama on
Oct 29 2007.

I entered my horse, Jeremiah Bourbon / aka "John" (IGGHR #209) and I in the adult costume division.  We were a Mardi Gras themed carousel horse and little girl and came in first place.  I thought you might get a kick out the pic!  He is a great horse!

I have also included a pic of me and John with all of his ribbons from 2006 and 2007... He was the 2006 Intro Champion and I was 2006 Intro Rider of the Year.  This year he will more than likely receive the same
award.  However, due to work conflicts, I will not.  My trainer rode more than I did... But he is only growing into a great horse...what a pleasure he has been in my life!!!!

We have been focusing on dressage but he has also shown in Hunter Classes and has started   eventing at 18" and 2' fences.... And will only get better....
Hope you enjoy...

Mona Medders



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