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FWF Fires of Fame

Georgian Grande Gelding Foaled 4/17/05

Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred  Dam: Mount Crest Liberty -Clydesdale



Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008

Subject: Hello!


Hi Fredericka - how are you? 

Fame is doing great!  He is growing and is 16-1 now!  The other day I had a hula hoop at the barn and was playing with it (it is a shoop-shoop hula hoop) and he was not at all concerned with it.  He let us put it over his head - he even let us hang it from his ear!   (I will send you the photo of him with the hula hoop on his ear from a different email address)   He will drink water from the drinking fountain in the barn (the human drining fountain!!).  And I must say - he has never met a stranger - human or animal!!  He has two new pasture mates - a donkey and a pony.  He was chasing the pony one day and the pony stopped, turned and gave Fame a piece of his mind...and Fame stopped as if he was thinking - wait, that's not part of the game!  So big ol' Fame is put in his place by a little pony!!!  LOL!!!  He is so funny. 

We have a new trainer at the barn and he tells me frequently what a beautiful mover Fame is - and he assures me he wouldn't tell me that if he didn't mean it.  And he is just amazed at his disposition and manners as a three-year old!  I want you to know how much I love this horse - he is a joy not only for me - but everyone who sees him and meets him - they all think he is beautiful. 


KC Stanek


Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008

Subject: 1/11

I have attached some photos of Fame - they are from the fall - but you will be able to see how handsome he is and I hope you can tell from the photos how light and lovely his movements are!  We are having fun riding among the trees on the back hill and in the open fields.  Enjoy the photos - and I look forward to hearing from you!!

KC Stanek



Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Subject: RE: 6/18 - Fame

I'm so honored that you will be including Fame on your website!  I look at your site often and admire all the horses and stories that I read on there!

Fame is such pleasure - he is a fast learner and already seems to know what his job is.  He likes to please.  I have to remind myself that he is barely 2 years old.  He has given me such a lift in my "spirits" - he has me wanting to show again!  I am planning on doing an Intro test in the fall of this year!  I can hardly wait to show him off to everyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!!  Thank you for Fame - he's a great horse!  

KC Stanek

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007

Subject: 6/18 - Fame

What a sweet guy he is such a pleasure to ride. 

We have had SO much rain here that I haven't had much chance to ride him.just as the grounds start to dry out we get another couple of days of downpour! Last time the blacksmith was here (2 weeks ago) he said Fame has EXCELLENT feet - isn't that great!!!?

Fame is terrific!  He is so smart.  When I ride him he knows what his job is!  And he moves beautifully and he is very comfortable to ride.    He is the best!  He is doing quite well at going straight forward - bending  is good, too.  I am so thrilled when I ride him - I am even thinking of showing again!  It has been a LONG time since I have wanted to do a horse show.  I'm thinking of doing just a walk/trot test or would be later in the fall if I am able to. Yesterday when I was grooming him he did this big ol' stretch where he put his front feet way forward and his back end up in the air - he really stretched his back - it was one of those stretches where you say - oh, that must have felt good!  I love him!



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