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Donatien IGGHR#




Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011

Subject: Update on Donatien


Just wanted to let you know that Donatien, the tobiano 2-year old colt is doing very, very well.  He is happy as a lark.  We are absolutely and thoroughly pleased and tickled pink with him.  He is the sweetest guy to be around, to work with, and he is very kind to our other horses.  His movement is fabulous, his color striking. 

Please know that We are so entirely thankful to you and your family for him.  He could not be happier or more loved.  He is family. 

If you would like I can send you pictures as he develops and comes along.

Just wanted you to be assured in the knowledge that all is well.  (All is fabulous.) 

Yours truly,

Robin and Kirk S.



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Piketon, Ohio 45661

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