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Courage Under Fire IGGHR #157

  Sire: FWF Firedance-Saddlebred   Dam: FWF Mono Lisa-Percheron   

 Date of birth  7/29/99


Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 9:42 PM
Subject: Courage Driving Pictures

Just an update. Courage is a very good saddle horse now. The last three times we went out on trails Courage has led. As long as he doesn't try to snack I give him his head and he cuts the trails perfect. When we head towards the barn he kicks in what I call the barn stride - just under trot speed- very brisk. We have to stop and wait for everyone to
 catch up - courage stops then turns his head to watch everyone - when they get within about 20 feet he takes
 off again.

 I have started driving training . First ground drive was in round pen then we have ventured into arena. I got him a good harness. We have been using the breast plate and saddle to pull around a tire. Courage shows no concern about pulling something behind him.

June 21st, 2000
Just wanted you to know that Courage arrived in good condition and right on schedule. Two people offered to buy him as soon as he got off the trailer. I am positive that he is the fanciest colt in the Florida panhandle. We had some trouble getting a lady (dressage trainer) off the trailer as
another one of your horses (Winning Colors) was her pick from the video. She just loved Colors and wouldn't get off the truck until the transporter told her he was going with or without her on board. Thanks again for keeping Courage's purchase a secret from my Wife . We will surprise her today now that he is settled in . I will write again to let you know her reaction. Don't be surprised if you get some calls from people in this area - the tape you sent is getting worn out and now one of your beautiful babies can now be seen in person.
Thank You Again
Rocky Bills



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