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Blending the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size, bone and mind of the Friesian and/or Draft. 




The Nation's Premiere Equine Exposition & Equestrian Gathering

We would like to thank Stone Horses® for sponsoring the Celebrity Horse Showcase

located within the Youth Pavilion in the Celeste Center

Horses on display at the 2009 event will include:

Flying W Farms Baron Von Vendeval

5-year-old Georgian Grande Gelding

Owned by
Bonny Barry-Pullen of Carousel Farms


Chosen to represent the Georgian Grande bred

Baron Von Vendavel is a stunning 17’3 hand, six-year-old Georgian Grande gelding.

The Georgian Grande is the blending of the American Saddle-Bred with the draft or Friesian. It carries itself with an attitude that eludes description, some call it “presence, class or style,” but this superior air distinguishes every movement of the Georgian Grande.

Truly a beautiful animal, “Val” is undefeated in the Open Halter Division in 2007 and 2008. Halter Division is the beauty pageant of the horse show world and is a very appropriate class for this elegant and flashy animal. This horse has been volunteering at numerous charity events throughout Louisiana but his main claim to fame has been his ability to put smiles on the faces of sick and terminally ill children. Val seems to have a special gift in making children forget about their pain and enjoy life at that moment.

Val’s figurine for Stone Horses® will be introduced along with Val in the Celebrity Horse Showcase at Equine Affaire in Ohio. He will also be seen as a model horse for “Ancona,” a new line of Italian Equestrian Clothing.

Get up close and personal with the horses at the Stone Horses® Celebrity Horse Showcase located in the Youth Pavilion in the Celeste Center. Each horse has a meet and greet session - check the Clinic & Seminar Schedule for details!

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