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Equine Affaire 2007



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I just got back from Equine Affaire at 2:30 this morning and couldn't wait to let you all know what a SUPER, FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR job those horses, owners, riders, did at the debut of Georgian Grande at Equine Affaire!!!!  Their first breed demo was in the coliseum yesterday and was an amazing hit!!!!  They did such a fantastic job!  I felt so honored to be there to be a part of it all!    It was truly AWESOME and a very professional, superb representation of the breed!!!  It seemed like they had been doing this demo for years and had it choreographed down to the tiniest detail and what a smash they were! 
Phantom (Prince of Thieves) floated in the arena like a beautiful angel dancing on clouds doing his in-hand presentation.  Even though Jackie has those wonderfully long legs that are every rider's dream, she could barely keep up with that gorgeous boy's HUGE ground covering trot as he floated across the entire arena, his beautiful, black coat just glistening like a gem under the lights.  He strutted his stuff like nobody's business and left the audience in awe! 
Phantom Phantom Phantom
Sherman (Undercover) and Taya impressed the crowd dressed in their full police gear, even Sherman wore a badge of his own!  They did a nuissance demonstration walking through swim noodles sticking out from jump standards, walked over a noisy tarp filled with even noisier trash, he stood like a statue as Taya waved a flag in the air and all around his head and even popped over a few jumps.  He proudly led the crew at the end, parading the American Flag to the song "Born in the USA!"  And no horse does better job at hamming it up with the crowd and capturing everyone's heart than the SHERM!!
Sherman Sherman Sherman
(Prince) Namaste did a spectacular representation of lower level dressage as a newly broke youngster, not quite 3 years old.  I was udderly amazed at how calm, confident and balanced he was throughout all that craziness!  I just couldn't believe that a horse so young would behave and perform that well period, let alone in front of such a huge crowd in such a massive facility with a blaring announcer, loud music, a clapping crowd and more visual stimulation than many horses experience in a lifetime.  I'm sure we'll see him at the top of year end awards on a consistent basis!
Color to Burn spiced up the show and gained MANY ooohs and aaaahhhs with an impressive jumping display.  At 17.2+ hands with LOADS of color (as his name suggests) and a stature of nothing but sheer muscle, this guy has presence!!!  His little bitty owner/rider Sarah Ewing did a fabulous jumper demonstration with him as they sailed over HUGE fence after HUGE fence with super speed and accuracy.  They made it all look so effortless and beautiful!!
Bella (Princess Isabella), another VERY young GG at JUST 3 years old, did a lovely renaissance demonstration.  Ginny was dressed in a gorgeous red, gold and white renaissance dress and looked like a model as she paraded Bella around the ring to beautiful music.  What an absolute vision of beauty riding that gorgeous black mare with flowing mane and tail, her dress draped over Bella's hindquarters as they gracefully trotted all around the arena.  What a fabulously calm, intelligent mind for such a young mare!  THEN Ginny hopped off to expose a western saddle, they threw on a western bridle in the middle of the ring and Sarah Gentry did a lovely western display for the crowd!  What an elegant, strong, gorgeous ranch horse look Bella presented in western tack with a western rider.....WOW!!!
Bella Bella Bella
Finally, Niko (Prince Castaspell) completed the performance with a breathtaking 2nd Level dressage performance.  What PRESENCE that 17.2 hand, VERY upheaded, shiny bay GG had as he strutted his stuff around the ring with such finesse!  He floated across the arena and, combined with his young rider, Nessa, they were the picture of elegance and beauty!  Nessa, at barely 19 years old, did a fabulous job with him all on her own!  Such a young girl doing an absolutely lovely display of elegance without the help of any trainer whatsoever was just incredible to me.  GREAT JOB Nessa and way to go Niko!!
Niko Niko Niko
The horses and riders/handlers were given a HUGE round of applause at the end of the performance.  Everyone of them was absolutely MOBBED by adoring fans as they did a group meet and greet just outside of the arena afterwards!  There were many folks wanting to know more about these horses and their breeding.  I saw nothing but people and cameras everywhere as these horses took the crowd by storm!!!   I got such joy out of watching these horses and riders/owners capture the crowd with their beautiful presence and joyful spirit.  I saw nothing but huge smiles on faces everywhere, the rider's were all so proud of their babies and the horses absolutely knew it as they relished in the immense amount of attention they received from their many admirers!
After the breed demo and meet and greet, our breed stall was absolutely MOBBED with people waiting in line to meet the GG on display and to get more information about this new breed!  What a fabulous first showing these horses and the breed had and I'm soooo proud of everyone that had anything to do with this incredible performance!    Congratulations IGGHR!  SUPER JOB!!!
Jenna Hill, Reporter




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