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Champion Magic Spell IGGHR#114




Magic Spell is by a Clydesdale stallion out of a saddlebred mare.

Just thought you would like to know that Magic Spell was the champion at
our last American Dressage Association show in Ada, Michigan.  She also
received the High Percentage award with a 72.63%.

She is the BEST horse.  She continues to be more of a puppy than a
horse, loving to be around people.  She is dependable and so much fun!!!

She loves to jump and we will begin more hunter shows later this summer
and next year.
Diane Taylor
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May 12, 2002
  Magic Spell did very well at her first show of the season.
We were the CHAMPION HIGH-POINT for the USDF/Senior division.

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June 04, 2002 
Subject: Re: Magic Spell show results

More show results:  Thomett Stables Hunter Show, Ada, Michigan.  
Novice Hunter Over Fences, 1st, Novice Hunter Under Saddle, 1st, 
Novice Hunter Cross Poles, 3rd.  Next show in two weeks (dressage).  
Will let you know results.  Having so much fun!  Diane    

Results for the Thomet Stables All Dressage Association Show,
July 6th and  7th,   2002
Training Level Test 1: 64.091%, 2nd place
Training Level Test 2:  66.667%, 1st place
Training Level Test 3:  63.077%, 2nd place
Training Level Test 4:  60%, 2nd place

Reserve High Point Champion!!!!
Reserve High Percentage Champion!!!

YEA MAGIC SPELL!  She cetainly has the judges in Michigan spellbound.  She
did great.  She is getting better at each show.  Her endurance is building
as well.  Hope you are keeping track of scores.  Maybe we are in the running
for some year-end award with you???



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