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Foaled April 20, 2003

 Sire: Koning-Friesian
Dam: Flying W Farms Candlelight-Saddlebred

 Owner, trainer, driver: Dr Pat Riley


A few comments from the breeders, Flying W Farms:

This is Flying W Farms Princess Limelight. IGGHR #255 Her sire is Koning (Flying W Friesian stallion) her mother is Flying W Farms Candlelight, a daughter of our old saddlebred stallion Crusader. All Flying W Farms breeding; Owners are Dr Pat Riley and his lovely wife Gail. A beautiful horse and a very handsome couple. Congratulations to Dr Pat, Gail and Limelight. Absolutely amazing!

Hi ALL ! We just got back from Walnut Hill with Limelight ! She won three classes....turnout for the vehicles other than class, best gentleman's turnout, and best gentleman on the drive!!! You should get some calls, everyone there was so impressed with her beautiful movement !!!!! She was a star !!!!!! Gail




Limelight winning

Dr. Pat Riley and Gail



Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Subject: Your horse children

Hi Fredericka ! Just wanted to let you know how well your old babies did at the Classic in the Pines. Limelight has finally matured into a real show horse !!!! She and Pat won the Concours D'Elegance and the Gentleman to Drive award, even beating a gorgeous pair of Friesians. Her movement is amazing ! Lots of people wanted to know what breed she was ! Bill Long and his wife organize the event and he said that he wished that he had four of her ! We plan to take her to the Walnut Hill show in August in New York !  We also had a clinic with John Greenall and he really liked Rockaway !!!!! He is doing so well. I've started riding Brighton Road and am really excited about his progress, he is going to have that same wonderful temperament that Rockaway has ! What you breed in, you don't have to train in ! Hey, where did I hear that, hehe !!!!!! Lots of love, Gail  

Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Subject: Limelight, Danceadream, and Bud
Dear Robin, Fredericka, and Bob,
     We are finally finished with a few very busy weeks of carriage activity ! Two weeks ago we went to the Classic in the Pines in Pinehurst, NC for their pleasure show. Danceadream and Limelight both got blues in the novice division which let them compete in a final class with the pony winners for the championship. A friend of mine with a welsh pony won the championship and Danceadream got reserve...I was so proud of her ! It is very hard when you have horses in the same ring with ponies when they ask for a strong trot. You feel like if you open it up, you'll run over some of the little guys, but it inspires the ponies to show all they've got ! Pat and Limelight then went into open classes all day and they got a large number of red ribbons and the judge commented on how she improved all day long ! On the cross country drive, where you go through scary things and obstacles, Danceadream was 2nd and Limelight 3rd ! Woweeeee !!!!!! On Sunday, there is a marathon drive through the quaint town of Pinehurst and we both rode with Limelight. It is really neat because they announce you as you go through the town square and tell about your turnout and horse !! It was a really fun weekend !
     This week we got back from five days at Morvin Park in Leesburg,VA for the Carriage Association of America meeting. We took the phaeton that has been restored for Danceadream and put it in the carriage showcase where it was judged for the restoration work. It received a silver certificate, like Pat's did last year. Whoopee. It was a pile of sticks when we got in at an auction in PA, and it has been under construction since last October ! It is really pretty and big enough for all the large gals ! Pat took Bud and competed in the Traditional Day of Drivng and won for single horse ! He and Bud had the fastest cones course of the day !!! Pat was very happy!!!!! On the last day, I was finally able to hook Danceadream up to her new carriage ! As soon as she was hooked, it rained cats and dogs, and we made a quick loop around the square and got completely drenched and had to go in because of lightning !!!!! My gorgeous new carriage was soaked but should be fine ! Danceadream and Bud were both very good for the entire trip !!!!!!



Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Here are the pics of Limelight from the Carriage Association meeting in Lexington. It was a very long trip for her, but she handled it well !  She won the Marathon for single horses and received two seconds and a third in the horse show !!!! She was such a good girl and Pat did a super job driving her. Her carriage, a gentleman's phaeton that was found in Ohio, was restored by a North Carolina carriage builder. It was entered in the Carriage Showcase and received a Silver Medal for the restoration work ! Limelight looks just grand in front of it !!!!!!!!

Hope all is well with you, Gail




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