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Flying W Farms Grandioso #l42 (colt) & Flying W Farms Elegante IGGHR#143 (filly)




Grandioso 5 years old

Grandioso 5 years old


Elegante 5 years old

Grandioso and Elegante in 2006 7 years old


Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008

Subject: Emailing: Ella-5yo-1, Ella and Grandi in Pasture - 7 y.o. 2006, Grandi-5yo-1, Grandi, 2 yrs


I am sorry I have no recent photos for you, but will try to get some soon.  Can't believe that Ella and Grandi are 9 years old now !  They are still sweet as ever ! 

Meanwhile, please enjoy the attached shots. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays.




Flying W Farms Grandioso #l42 at age two years (colt)

Grandioso and Elegante at a competition


Flying W Farms Grandioso IGGHR#142
Neda Calendar

This is a beautifully matched pair of halter champions Grandioso and Elegante, shown here as two year olds at a competition with their owners J. Hrncirik and M. Cannizo.
This beautiful pair are both sired by
Flying W Farms Firedance (saddlebred) and
they are both out of Clydesdale mares.
Congratulations to the owners of this gorgeous

matched pair of Georgian Grandes!



Grandioso and Elegante with their owners,

J. Hrncirik and M. Cannizzo.

Flying W Farms Elegante IGGHR#143 (filly)


Grandioso learning to drive

Grandioso learning to drive






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