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Flying W Farms Fire Ruby #213


Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred
Dam: Ruby Eclipse-Percheron

 Owner Pam Morrill


2011 Horse of the Year Champion in Dressage: First Level Adult Amateur!

USDF All-Breeds Final Awards Winners 2007 Reserve

Open Award  Level: 1st 






A short update for Fire Ruby. Today we competed at L'Apertif in Bellevue, Washington.  We scored a 68.80% on our qualifying training-4 test.  Although extremely pleased with a great score; what had me walking on cloud nine was that we won 1st place in a class of 15 other riders! 
Mind you also, Ruby had never been to this particular show grounds, it was raining the entire time (we were both soaked after that class), and we were splashing through the sand footing.  What a good girl.  We also rode first level test 1 with a score of 63.67% and took second place.  We need one more qualifying score for training level, but will also be concentrating more on 1st level now. I get lots of great comments on Fire Ruby!



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