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Sire: Flying W Farms Firedance-Saddlebred X Dam: Castle Rudys Queen-Clydesdale
Breeder:  Flying W Farms, Inc.  Owner: Kurt Heermann.

Dressage Champion!!!



2004 UPDATE!
 April 21, 2004
Subject: Figurine
Thought you would be pleased to know that Fig won all of her (four) tests last weekend. 
 The 16 yr old girl riding her received higher scores then Open dIvision riders (pros) on some
 of her tests. . As always, we are very proud of our Figurine.


Subject: Figurine's First Show   (2002 show season)
Today was the day!
8:43 AM this morning Fig took her first test. Pegasus Creek had the biggest turn out in the show's history. 95 competitors today and tomorrow. Remember, this is a rated California Dressage Society THREE STAR SHOW. There were 12 horses in both classes this morning.
Training Level Test 2 she posted a 67.918% FIRST PLACE!
Training Level Test 3 she posted a 68.419% SECOND PLACE! (One horse scored a 70% which took 1st)
She scored 8's on her canter work.
I was so thrilled with her performance. This was the first time she'd left home since she arrived here 21/2 years ago. She adapted to the show grounds immediately.
She was competing against $30,000 European Warmbloods.
Next show we'll be showing 1st Level. She's already in a 1st level frame.
At the end of the show tomorrow, I'll pick up the video with all 4 of her tests. Will sending you a copy next week.
Wish us luck with our 2 tests tomorrow.
Best regards, Kurt

Subject: Figurine

My little Figurine was "Cinderella" this last weekend.
Sunday's test results: Training Level Test 3 - 70.69% FIRST PLACE!
Training Level Test 4 - 68.29% SECOND PLACE!
For the two days, two 1st's and two 2nd's with an average score over 68%.
This is unheard of for a coming 4 year old! She had the 2nd top score for the entire show and was the top scoring Training Level horse!
All four tests had qualifying scores for year end awards.
On the test she scored 70% she received 8 on gaits!!! Unbelievable!
I have the video of the 4 tests. I'm going to have copies made and mail you one. It will probably take a few days, maybe a week.
We're going to our next rated show April 13th & 14th.

best regards, Kurt

Subject: Fig Wins Again!
Figurine is on her way.........................she scored a 70% in her first test and a 68% in her second test today. Both scores earned her 1st's and two more qualifying scores for the Year End Futurity. She blew a canter transition, otherwise it would have been another 70%. She will be Training Level Horse of the Year!
Two more tests tomorrow.

Subject: Sunday's results

The judge scored a bit tougher today. Fig won both of her classes today with a 66% and a 67%. I thought her last test (Training Level Test 4) was going to earn her a 70% plus but the judge was tough. 4 tests 4 can't get any better then that. Stiff competition against big fancy warmbloods and she beat them all! All of her classes had a minimum of 7 horses. She was up against some of California's best horses and trainers. My sweet little Figurine is a true winner!
She is eight for eight with qualifying scores.................unbelievable.
She earned her extra carrots tonight.Kurt




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