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Georgian Grande Horse of the Year 2016

Open & recognized shows

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Grand Champion Overall
& Versatility

FWF Princess Aires Above the Ground

Owner/Rider: Benjamin Boyd


Reserve Champion Overall
& Versatility

FWF Princess Roses At Dawn #590

Owner: Sue Lilly


Grand Champion
Open Shows

FWF Baroness Von Isabella's Dream #367

Owner/Trainer/Rider: Ginny Belcher



Musical Freestyle
Dressage Champion

FWF Princess Juliana

Owner: Mary Adams
Rider: Jonni Allen


Grand Prix
Dressage Champion

FWF Prince Comanche's Fire #389

Owner: Sandy Pearce


Fourth Level
Dressage Champion
(Score 68.056)


FWF Princess Karma #309

Owner: Kendall Forbes


Fourth Level
Dressage Reserve Champion


FWF Prince Sultani #247

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Barb Wydevan


Third Level
Dressage Champion
(Score 67.867)


FWF Baron Von Lionheart #586

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Susan Pommer


Second Level
Dressage Champion



Count Darby Grande #624

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Kim Lennox


First Level
Dressage Champion


Jeremiah Bourbon #209

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Mona Lisa Medders


First Level Schooling
Dressage Champion



FWF Prince Aragorn #438

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Jenn West


Training Open
Dressage Champion



FWF Fires Of Flame #387

Owner/Rider: Kathleen Stanek


Training Open
Dressage Champion



FWF Baron Von Black Knight #638

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Jonni Allen Adams


Training Adult Amateur
Dressage Champion



FWF Princess Nadia #589

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Kay Kendzor


Grand Chanpion
Driving Champion

(With many scores in the 80s)


FWF Princess Limelight

Owner/Rider: Dr. and Mrs. Pat Riley (Gail)



RZ Farms Gallant Paladin #615

Owner/Rider/Trainer: Jessica Roslen


In Hand

Miss Lunar Eclipse #801

Owner/Trainer: Sharlet Lee Jensen



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